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commit-msg Hook NAME. DESCRIPTION. A Git hook automatically invoked by git commit, and most other commit creation tools such as git citool or... OBTAINING. To obtain the commit-msg script use scp, wget or curl to download it to your local system from your Gerrit... IMPLEMENTATION. The hook. The commit-msg hook takes one parameter, which again is the path to a temporary file that contains the commit message written by the developer. If this script exits non-zero, Git aborts the commit process, so you can use it to validate your project state or commit message before allowing a commit to go through. In the last section of this chapter, we'll demonstrate using this hook to check that your commit message is conformant to a required pattern commit-msg. This hook is invoked by git-commit [1] and git-merge [1], and can be bypassed with the --no-verify option. It takes a single parameter, the name of the file that holds the proposed commit log message. Exiting with a non-zero status causes the command to abort

commit-msg Hook NAME. DESCRIPTION. A Git hook automatically invoked by git commit, and most other commit creation tools such as git citool or... OBTAINING. To obtain the commit-msg script use scp, wget or curl to download it to your local system from your Gerrit... SEE ALSO. IMPLEMENTATION. The. Below are two Git commit-msg hooks that run on Linux and Windows respectively. Git commit-msg hook example on Linux #!/bin/sh # This example just print commit-msg when you executes a commit. echo 'commit-msg'; exit 0; Git commit-msg hook example on Windows. If you are using Git for Windows, the bash script also works on Windows chmod a+x .git/hooks/commit-msg is to make the commit-msg executable, in order for it to run with git. But, the file (and thus that command) would never be able to execute if it did not already have +x so including this command in the actual file would not make sense The easiest way to create a Git commit with a message is to execute git commit with the -m option followed by your commit message. $ git commit -m Describe your commit here When using the Git CLI, note that you should restrict your commit message in order for it not to be wrapped Git hooks are scripts that Git executes before or after events such as: commit, push, and receive. Git hooks are a built-in feature - no need to download anything. Git hooks are run locally. These hook scripts are only limited by a developer's imagination

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  1. Git commit-msg hook to verify commit message convention => https://datree.io/blog/git-commit-message-conventions-for-readable-git-log/ - commit-msg-hook.p
  2. The prepare-commit-msg git hook will have a single argument, that is a file reference to the commit message that has been set. This hook runs before the commit has fully been validated and as such a non-zero return code will still cause the git commit to fail. You can see the following confirmation of this hook
  3. The commit-msg hook is a python script file and it must be placed in the developer's local repository as: .git/hooks/commit-msg. There is no server-side hook required. The following settings must be configured in the script file: JIRA_HOST_NAME-- hostname of the Jira
  4. To add a command to a hook or create a new one, use husky add <file> [cmd] (don't forget to run husky install before). npx husky add.husky/pre-commit npm test Try to make a commit git commit -m Keep calm and commit
  5. reset 会将 .git hook 目录下的规则删掉,等于没有规则;config 是把项目根目录下 git-hook 目录下的 commit-msg hook 脚本复制到 .git hook 目录下,这里不用判断是否已经存在文件,直接覆盖即可,因为 gradle task 天生支持 UPDATE 机制,而且我们需要在修改 commit-msg 文件后自动覆盖,所以不建议判断 .git hook 下是否已经存在
  6. der to describe your changes. Pre-Commit Hooks. With the pre-commit hook the key is to make sure your hook exits.
  7. git commit是最常用的命令之一,它可以触发四个hook,分别是pre-commit,prepare-commit-msg,commit-msg和post-commit。从字面上可以猜测到这四个hook分别对应commit之前、准备commit log message的时候、生成commit log message的时候、commit之后这四个触发时机。这四个hook也的确是按照这个先后顺序被触发.

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  1. git-commit-msg-hook #! /bin/bash # ##### # Store this file as .git/hooks/commit-msg in your repository in order to # enforce checking for proper commit message format before actual commits. You # may need to make the script executable by 'chmod +x .git/hooks/commit-msg'. #.
  2. .git/hooks/以下に利用したいhookの名称をつけたスクリプトファイルを設置して 実行権限を付与してあげればhookのタイミングで起動してくれます。 commit-msg.sampleを実際に動かして見ましょう
  3. Git hooks really come in handy to automatically perform a lot of repetitive tasks when working with git, and also can be used to ensure that some requirements are met before you can commit or push.

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Modern native Git hooks made easy. Husky improves your commits and more woof! Install npm install husky -D Usage. Edit package.json > prepare script and run it once: npm set-script prepare husky install && npm run prepare. Add a hook: npx husky add .husky/pre-commit npm test Make a commit: $ git commit -m Keep calm and commit For more use cases, see documentation. The Git hook solution should catch the wrong messages as early as possible but you could also add a guard in your CI/CD pipeline. In my opinion, it is worth the effort to introduce the Git commit convention and the changelog generation in projects. We as developers do not need to invest much time & brain capacity for the changelog generation. Git hooks let you validate your code before it is committed in Git. Another useful feature that Git provides is the ability to pre-populate your commit message. Maybe your commit messages would benefit from template or maybe a reminder to describe your changes trigger: Hook type (such as pre-commit and commit-msg) hook: Specific hook; community hook: a commonly used hook. Also referred to as contrib hooks in the source code. Usage. Run git hooks install to tell a git repo to use git-hooks. Stop using git-hooks by git hooks uninstall. List all scope of hooks by execute git hooks directly. See below for what scope is

Git commit message hook. # enforce checking for proper commit message format before actual commits. You. # may need to make the script executable by 'chmod +x .git/hooks/commit-msg'. echo CHECKIN STOPPED DUE TO INAPPROPRIATE LOG MESSAGE FORMATTING! echo $1 The one we are interested in is commit-msg. This is the hook that fires just before your commit is made and thus allows you to reject the commit by throwing an error if the message isn't in proper format Git hooks are scripts in Git that can be triggered and executed automatically, before or after different Git events. The hooks are a built-in feature of Git and can run locally. The pre-commit hook is the relevant Git hook to set in order to enforce commit message conversion This hook is called immediately after the commit-msg hook. It cannot alter the outcome of the git commit operation, therefore it's used primarily for notification purposes. The script takes no parameters, and its exit status does not affect the commit in any way. # Post-receive. This hook is called after a successful push operation. It is typically used for notification purposes prepare-commit-msg.sample: git commit: When a commit message is set: pre-push.sample: git push: Before making a push: pre-rebase.sample: git rebase: Before making a pass or merge : pre-receive.sample: git push: When we push and get the data from the remote repository: update.sample: git push: By updating the remote data in a push: As we can see, every Hook carries a command in Git. With that.

You can find all these commit hooks under.git/hooks in your git repo. There is a commit hook called commit-msg, this is exactly what we need for that purpose. If you are calling the git commit command, this script is invoked, it is getting the commit message as an input parameter and if it doesn't return with 0, a commit will be discarded The Git hook solution should catch the wrong messages as early as possible but you could also add a guard in your CI/CD pipeline. In my opinion, it is worth the effort to introduce the Git commit convention and the changelog generation in projects. We as developers do not need to invest much time & brain capacity for the changelog generation and have a helpful document where we can look up what has changed between our software releases. Additionally, we can easily share this with the users. The commit-msg hook stops the commit, immediately flags your commit message as incorrect, and asks you to try again. Done. Early regular feedback stops you making work for yourself, and you learn not to make that mistake much quicker

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  1. In der pre-commit-hook, die commit-Nachricht noch nicht erstellt wurden. Sie wollen wahrscheinlich verwenden Sie eine der prepare-commit-msg oder commit-msg - Haken statt. Es gibt eine schön Abschnitt in der Pro-Git auf die Reihenfolge in der die hooks ausgeführt werden, und was Sie in der Regel tun könnten, mit Ihnen.. Informationsquelle Autor der Antwort Mark Longai
  2. once you are inside the .git/hooks folder hit the following command to create an empty hook file to enable the local gits: touch prepare-commit-msg If you list the files you should see that file.
  3. git hook automation vcs Add to One Commit If you want to append the actual date to your commits you can use below script: $ git commit -m modified <branch> files on `date
  4. If Git finds a file named after one of its hooks in the .git/hooks directory and the file is executable it will run at the relevant point in the Git processes. The prepare-commit-msg Hook We're going to utilise a Git hook to check a branch name and automatically prefix commit messages with the current issue number
  5. The commit-msg hook is much like the prepare-commit-msg hook, but it is called after the user enters a commit message. The post-commit hook is called immediately after the commit-msg hook. This is after a commit has taken place. In this image, we have different hooks name with their event (means which command executes which hook). Implementing Git Hooks. Git hooks are a built-in feature that.
  6. The prepare-commit-msg hook is invoked after receiving a git commit, just prior to firing up the commit message editor. This hook can edit the commit message in a way that cannot be suppressed. For example, ensuring a capital letter. QUESTION: This has access to the commit SHA-1 (when operating on an existing commit)? The commit-msg hook adjusts the commit message after it has been edited in.

Alle Git-Hooks sind gewöhnliche Scripte, die Git ausführt, wenn im Repo bestimmte Ereignisse eintreten. Dadurch lassen sie sich sehr einfach installieren und konfigurieren. Hooks können sowohl in lokalen als auch in serverseitigen Repos liegen, und sie werden nur ausgeführt als Reaktion auf Aktionen in diesem Repository. In einem Folgeartikel sehen wir uns Hook-Kategorien genauer an. Die Konfigurationen, die wir jetzt besprechen, gelten für beide Formen: lokale und serverseitige Hooks commit-msg-hook. This hook is made as custom plugins under the pre-commit hook framework and checks if commit message matches the chaos-hub team commit rules. Installation pip install commit-msg-hook Using commit-msg-hook with pre-commit. See pre-commit for instructions. Add this to your .pre-commit-config.yam Here comes our savior: Git and its hooks. pre-commit: check and sometimes rewrite parts of my (non-optimal) code/content; commit-msg: check my commit messages. Setup and share. Check the code before committing. Ensure commit messages are well written A standard 'commit-msg' hook is provided by Gerrit, and can be installed in the local Git repository to automatically generate and insert a Change-Id line during git commit, when none is defined yet. To install the hook, copy it from Gerrit's daemon by executing one of the following commands while being in the root directory of the local Git repository

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So all these hooks will be executed in this order : pre-commit -> prepare-commit-msg -> commit-msg -> post-commit. If you're managing a team and you want to use some hook, you have to know that every developer will have to install your hook in his .git folder, so you can't force them to use it (snif, snif) chmod +x .git/hooks/commit-msg From this point on, in this repository I'll have to make sure the commit message starts with # followed by a number, followed by a - . The rest is optional. How the commit-msg hook works: Before a commit is recorded the commit message is saved in a temporary file and this script is executed passing the name of the file as the first parameter. If the exit code of. 如同其他许多的版本控制系统一样,Git 也具有在特定事件发生之前或之后执行特定脚本代码功能(从概念上类比,就与监听事件、触发器之类的东西类似)。. Git Hooks 就是那些在Git执行特定事件(如commit、push、receive等)后触发运行的脚本,挂钩是可以放置在挂钩目录中的程序,可在git执行的某些点触发动作。. 没有设置可执行位的钩子将被忽略。. 默认情况下, hooks 目录. Bei Git-Hooks handelt es sich um Skripte, die automatisch ausgeführt werden, wenn in einem Git-Repository bestimmte Ereignisse eintreten, siehe die Einführung ins Thema. Dabei werden lokale und serverseitige Hooks unterschieden, denen wir uns nun im Rahmen einiger Tutorials widmen wollen. Zunächst zu lokalen Hooks

Source file: Build/git-hooks/commit-msg This hook is mandatory. It must be used for core contribution! First of all, this hook will be executed whenever you do a commit on your local machine { hooks: { commit-msg: commitlint -E HUSKY_GIT_PARAMS } } Damit wird ausgedrückt, dass bei der Git Hook commit-msg der Befehl commitlint -E HUSKY_GIT_PARAMS ausgeführt wird. Damit commitlint auch Conventional Commits überprüft muss noch eine Datei commitlint.config.js ebenfalls im Wurzelverzeichnis mit folgendem Inhalt angelegt werden: module.exports = { extends: ['@commitlint/config.

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commit-msg: Ce hook se déclenche juste après l'édition du message du commit, mais avant la création de celui-ci; Les hooks de git sont un outil très puissant, mais souvent peu connu des développeurs. Ils permettent par exemple de s'assurer de la qualité de son code avant l'envoi sur le dépôt distant. Leur mise en place et leur partage deviennent un jeu d'enfant avec l. Hello, I'm trying to configure my gitlab to execute an commit-msg hook. In my local repo it work well, but when I put the hook file on /home/git/gitlab-shell/hooks according the official documentation (https://docs. Git hooks are shell scripts that execute after an event such as a commit or push. In the following video, we will take you through the basics of what a Git hook is and demonstrate how to use one in GitKraken. Where are Git hooks? Hooks are stored in the hooks subdirectory of the .git directory. This folder is automatically created when you initialize a new repository in GitKraken and is. Install Your Commit Hooks¶ There are two git hooks available for TYPO3 development: commit-msg Hook: required; pre-commit Hook: optional, currently not available for Windows; To set them up, do the following Create a change and try make a commit of a form other than [#135316555:Chore]Test commit-msg hook. Git will abort the commit process and give you a handly little tip regarding the format of your commit message. post-commit. This hook is executed after the commit-msg hook and since the commit has already been made it cannot abort the commit process. It can however be used to notify the relevant.

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This is OK because Joe Hacker has set up the commit-msg hook as mentioned above, which adds a Change-Id: automatically when the commit message is saved. Guidelines on commit message content If anyone involved in coreboot reads your comment in a year, she/he shall still be able to understand what your commit is about, without needing to analyze the code code ~/.git_template/hooks/commit-msg #!/bin/bash echo -e Committed as: echo -e (use \ git reset --soft HEAD^ \ to undo) \n echo -e \0 33[1;93m ` git config --local user.name ` < ` git config --local user.email ` > \0 33[00m \n echo -e \0 33[1;95mCheck if they are correct \0 33[00m \n As web developers, we always want to speed up our workflows, right? Of course, automation is the best way to do that. In this quick tip, I'll teach you one w.. commit-msg This hook is invoked by git commit, and can be bypassed with --no-verify option. It takes a single parameter, the name of the file that holds the proposed commit log message. Exiting with non-zero status causes the git commit to abort. The hook is allowed to edit the message file in place, and can be used to normalize the message into some project standard format (if the project has.

Install commit-msg hook first, see above. Git Clone hangs . If Git Clone... hangs after Resolving deltas hits 100% and you are using PuTTY: Open up PuTTY, load Default Settings, and set Chokes on PuTTY's SSH-2 'winadj' requests to On under Connection->SSH->Bugs. Then select Session, select Default Settings, and Save. See also There is a .git/hooks directory in every git project with sample git hooks. Remove the .sample and the hook script becomes live in this case I used the commit-msg git hook and use it to run my script. The hook is triggered by a failure with an exit 1. Only issue was the .git directory never gets seen by git commit. So I needed a way to push my changes and allow others to use them. Moving. If you already have a .git/hooks/commit-msg file in your local repository, gitlint will refuse to install the commit-msg hook. Gitlint will also only uninstall unmodified commit-msg hooks that were installed by gitlint. If you're looking to use gitlint in conjunction with other hooks, you should consider using gitlint with pre-commit. Using gitlint through pre-commit. gitlint can be configured.

By default, all the installed hooks are available in the .git/hooks directory with each filename being a hook name. There are many hooks, such as post-merge and pre-rebase, which can be used to configure really advanced setups. However, in our case, we are only interested in the pre-commit hook. All the available hooks can be found here. Adding. git review -s Problems encountered installing commit-msg hook This is my first question so the markup isn't that great sorry. Every time I use git review -s or git review in general I get this The git documentation website lists all the available git hooks. Sharing git hooks with other people without any tools is quite cumbersome. The .git directory is not part of the git repository, kinda (how meta). Making sure everyone uses the same hooks and has the required local tools to run them, quickly becomes a chore. Husky. Husky is a tool. Welcome to git-commit-msg-linter . Watching your every git commit message INSTANTLY . A git commit-msg hook for linting your git commit message against the popular Angular Commit Message Guidelines.As a hook it will run at every commiting to make sure that the message to commit is valid against the conventions


This hook is similar to the prepare-commit-msg hook, but it's called after the user enters a commit message rather than before. This is usually used to warn developers if their commit message is in an incorrect format. The only argument passed to this hook is the name of the file that contains the message The specific hook I need for this is the `commit-msg` hook. If you remove the `.sample` from these files git will run them at their appropriate times. They are shell scripts and I could have written my message checker in a shell script like bash but I'm really not good at awk and sed and all that crazy shell scripting voodoo. So I just use the commit-msg shell script to call my own python. prepare_commit_msg ¶. Ref: gitdoc: prepare_commit_msg. This hook is invoked by git commit after preparing the default message, and before the editor is started. It takes one to three parameters. The name of the file that contains the prepared message commit-msg: wird nach dem Nachrichten-Editor aufgerufen und kann abermals die Nachricht prüfen/manipulieren - dieser Hook wird unten auch für eine Commit-Policy verwendet. post-commit: ein Hook, der nach im Workflow nach dem abgeschlossenen Commit aufgerufen wird und entsprechend vor allem für Benachrichtigungen genutzt wird - etwa eine Mail an den Teamverteiler, dass etwas committed wurde There are six types of local hooks: pre-commit, prepare-commit-msg, commit-msg, post-commit, post-checkout, and pre-rebase. The first four hooks relate to commits and allow you to have some control over each part in a commit's life cycle

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Prepare Commit git hook. The prepare-commit-msg hook is called after the pre-commit hook to populate the text editor with a commit message. Before calling this hook, the default message has already been prepared by git. So this is a good place to alter the default message to be used for commit. This hook takes from one to three arguments as below: 1. The name of a temporary file that contains. commit-msg: This Git hook takes one parameter, which again is the path to a temporary file that contains the commit message written by the developer. If this script exits non-zero, Git aborts the commit process, so you can use it to validate your project state or commit message before allowing a commit to go through. post-commit: This Git hook runs after the entire commit process is completed.

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#!/bin/sh # # git prepare-commit-msg hook for automatically prepending an issue key # from the start of the current branch name to commit messages. # check if commit is merge commit or a commit ammend if [$2 = merge] || [$2 = commit]; then exit fi ISSUE_KEY = ` git branch | grep -o \* \(.*/\)*[A-Z]\{2,\}-[0-9]\+ | grep -o [A-Z]\{2,\}-[0-9]\+ ` if [$?-ne 0]; then # no issue key in branch, use the default message exit fi # issue key matched from branch prefix, prepend to. prepare-commit-msg hooks can be used to create dynamic templates for commit messages. prepare-commit-msg hooks can be configured by setting stages: [prepare-commit-msg]. prepare-commit-msg hooks will be passed a single filename -- this file contains any initial commit message (e.g. from git commit -m. When Git is performing a commit operation, for example, it calls these four hooks in order: pre-commit, prepare-commit-msg, commit-msg, and post-commit. The first can gather all sorts of information about the specific commit being performed and decide to reject it in case it doesn't comply to specified policies. The next two can be used to format or check the commit message. Th commit-msg is a customizable git commit message parser and validator written in Node.js. It validates a given string based on best practices and can be used as a git hook, command line tool and/or directly through the API After writing a commit message (commit-msg) After committing (post-commit) Before a rebase (pre-rebase) After a checkout (post-checkout) After a merge (post-merge) Before receiving a push (pre-receive) After receiving a push (post-receive) Before receiving a push, run once per branch (update) To add a hook, place a file with the hook name in .git/hooks/. Every git repository.

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The above script has two tasks, a reset and a config. Reset will delete the rules in the. Git hook directory, which means there are no rules. Config is to copy the commit MSG hook script in the GIT hook directory under the root directory of the project to the git_hooks #. 简体中文; git_hooks can prevent bad git commit,git push and more easy in dart and flutter! It is similar to husky. Install # dev_dependencies: git_hooks: ^0.1.0 then. pub get or. flutter pub ge in your cloned copy to setup to work with Gerrit. It will probably ask you for your commit username. Then it will automatically install the commit-msg hook. If you were set-up before and have Ubuntu 18.04, try upgrade git-review since the packaged version of 1.26.0 will not work The process of adding the issue number into commit message can be automated with git prepare-commit-msg hook (shell script). Below are few examples of hook scripts. Branch Named as 123-branch-description. In the simplest case we have branches named as 123-branch-description, where 123 is the issue id: #!/bin/bash # This hook works for branches named such as 123-description and will add. Git hooks enable us to hook into Git events and add code to be executed at events such as: • Commit-msg • Pre-commit • Pre-push. Git hooks are set up in the .git folder in a Git project. These are written as bash scripts. Unless you lack social skills and wear square glasses you wouldn't like to write bash scripts (joke). Husky enables you to specify Node scripts to execute on the.

You need to remove your commit-msg hook. Gerrit enforced change IDs using a commit-msg hook script. You should remove .git/hooks/commit-msg. You need to update your remotes. Your local repository might have a remote named origin or gerrit that points to ssh://code.wireshark.org/wireshark # Première tentative : message mal formatté $ git commit -m 'Bad message format' husky > commit-msg (node v10.14.1) ⧗ input: Bad message format message may not be empty [subject-empty] type may not be empty [type-empty] found 2 problems, 0 warnings husky > commit-msg hook failed (add --no-verify to bypass) # Seconde tentative : structure correcte, clé type inconnue $ git commit -m 'type. To get GIT to prevent a commit unless your commit message contains a certain format you need to use a GIT commit-msg hook. To create the hook you need to create a hooks folder under your .git folder within each GIT repository. Within the .git/hooks folder place your commit-msg file. The following commit-msg scrip 通过Git Hooks实现的自动化部署,将实现敲入git push命令后,自动完成整个部署过程。 什么是Hook? 很多人把Hook翻译成「钩子」(计算机行业很多中文译名都难以理解),但根据维基百科,Hook一般指拦截软件组件或操作系统之间的通信信息,并进行处理的代码。那么对应到Git是怎样的呢?Git Hooks提供. Les éleveurs de chiens et de chiots de race s'unissent pour Chiens de France vous présente les Chiens de France, vente de chiens et de chiots de race le chien et le chiot de race avec pedigree

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This Git::Hooks plugin hooks itself to the commit-msg and the applypatch-msg hooks. It is a reimplementation of Gerrit's official commit-msg hook for inserting change-ids in git commit messages. It's does not produce the same Change-Id for the same message, but this is not really necessary, since it keeps existing Change-Id footers unmodified test_description = 'commit-msg hook'../ test-lib. sh: test_expect_success 'with no hook' ' echo foo > file && git add file && git commit -m first ' # set up fake editor for interactive editing : cat > fake-editor << 'EOF' #!/bin/sh: cp FAKE_MSG $1 exit 0: EOF: chmod + x fake-editor ## Not using test_set_editor here so we can easily ensure the editor variable ## is only set for the editor. git hooks - commit-msg示例代码,用于校验提交注 prepare-commit-msg.sample: git commit: Quando uma mensagem commit for definida. pre-push.sample: git push: Antes de realizar um envio. pre-rebase.sample: git rebase : Antes de realizar um pass ou merge. pre-receive.sample: git push: Quando executamos push e obtemos data do repositório remoto. update.sample: git push: Ao atualizar os dados remotos com push. Como nós podemos ver, cada Hook é.

To clone a Gerrit repository, you use the same git clone command used for standard Git repositories. However, it is recommended to clone the repository with a commit-msg hook. This hook automatically adds the Change-Id that Gerrit uses to track iterations of a commit as it goes through review. Before you begin. Verify that you are authorized to contribute changes to the repositories that want. Git Hook aktivieren. Ähnlich wie die Hooks in TYPO3, so kann auch Git bei bestimmten Prozessen durch weitere Funktionalität erweitert werden. Diese Hooks hat sich das TYPO3-Serverteam zu Nutze gemacht und beim Erstellen der Commit-Nachrichten (git commit -m Commitnachricht) eingegriffen. Egal was Ihr für eine Commitnachricht angebt, dieser.

Jedi Mind Tricks in Gitgit - How do I enforce the 50 character commit summaryGitHub - filp/write-good-git: Write more good git commitAlways write perfect commit messages with Git CommitizenCase Study for Android CI -&gt; CD -&gt; CD = Continuous

commit-msg - This hook is invoked by git-commit and git-merge, and can be bypassed with the --no-verify option. It takes a single parameter, the name of the file that holds the proposed commit log message. post-commit - This hook is invoked by git-commit. It takes no parameters, and is invoked after a commit is made. pre-rebase - This hook is called by git-rebase and can be used to prevent a. The hook is very simple and will just add Hi from the template commit-msg hook to the end of the commit message. Save it as commit-msg in the ~/.git_template/hooks directory and make it executable by using the following command 2. 删除.git/hooks下的的pre-commit文件,重新commit guchejia_web_app git:(5.1.1) ll .git/hooks total 264-rwxr-xr-x 1 a96 staff 1.4K 10 9 15:13 applypatch-msg-rwxr-xr-x 1 a96 staff 478B 10 10 2019 applypatch-msg.sample-rwxr-xr-x 1 a96 staff 1.4K 10 9 15:13 commit-msg

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